Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Brooklyn-based fashion photographer Augusto Silva Alliegro focuses on exploring themes of cultural relevance and self-identity through different lenses, ranging from primary fashion to fine arts. He aims to always prioritize concept, purpose, and meaning in his storytelling. Augusto has conceptualized and developed top-level fashion shoots while working with fellow fashion designers, stylists, and image-makers, as well as directing models to achieve the intended narrative in the photographic images.

Augusto graduated with honors from the Savannah College of Art and Desing and since his work has been exhibited in the US and his home country Venezuela. He has also been published in magazines and publications such as Elle US, V Magazine, V Man, Schön, amongst others.


2018 - Here Now | Solo  Exhibition  | Savannah, GA

2016 - Look Here | Group Exhibition | Savannah, GA

2012 - Retrato 2 | Group Exhibition | Caracas, Venezuela

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